Practice News

1st Jun

Dietary Guidance

Poor nutrition can contribute to stress, tiredness and an inability to work efficiently. Over time, this can lead to a patient developing some more long term health issues. 

To help better support our patients, SMC has created an extensive page on Diet Guidance (with the support from recorgnised healthcare bodies) which addresses all diet types from weight loss, chronic disease, and the type of diet one should eat at various stages of their life. 

Please visit this page under 'Health Advice' on our practice website. 

21st May

Community Pharmacist Appointments

We are setting up a new system where we can book our patients into minor ailment clinics at our local pharmacies. On calling the practice if your medical condition falls under the catagory of 'Minor Ailments' you will be offered an appointment with a local pharmacist who will assess your condition and assist you with your care.

For more information on how your pharmacist can assist you with your care, please click here.

if the pharmacist feels a GP appointment is needed, they will re-refer you back to SMC for a consultation. 


16th May

Skin Conditions

Hair, Nail and Skin conditions can be very distressing for any patient. To help better manage these issues SMC has developed a page outlining some guidance and links towards common issues you may face. Please click here to look at these links, or alternatively, you can visit the 'Health Advice' Section on the home page. 

16th May

Aching Joints

Generalised aches and pains are a common reason to visit the doctor. Whilst we are always happy to assist you with your concerns, sometimes you may just need some guidance on what may be the reason for your aches and pains, and how you can treat them at home. To help our patients better, we have developed a fantastic page on common treatment plans for aches and pains. Please click here to visit our Physiotherapy page, or alternatively, you can visit the 'Health Advice' section on the home page. 

13th May

Teen Mental Health

The mental wellbeing of your children/ teenagers can be a scary time for many patients. To help navigate through this turbulent time, SMC are working with MyTutor to help guide parents through difficult issues such as body image issues, academic anxiety, peer pressure and cyberbullying. MyTutor has provided a fantastic blog which contains links for both children/ teenagers and parents to help manage their mental wellbeing better.

Please click here if you would like to have a look!